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dinner at solanos

Dinner at solano’s –virtual theatre 

Devised and Written by Brickbite Collective


Dinner at Solano’s is an Immersive piece of virtual theatre. It is a vibrant and humorous tale exploring love and family in a fairy tale realm.  It was devised by an international ensemble of students from E15 Acting School during the COVID 19 pandemic.  The production premiered in May and is now returning in July at the Tramshed Digitally Charged Festival. In this production, I Preform in Drag as the story’s villain ‘ Big Old PaPa’. I am Further Credited for creating digital artwork, and animated content.   

OUR TOWN – Stage Production

Written by Thornton WIlder

Directed by Montse Gilli.


Our Town explores mortality and questions Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it ”… In this production I was Cast as ‘Stage Manager’. In this adaptation of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, the character of ‘Stage manager’ was performed by a Trio of female actors working as a small ensemble to orchestrate the metaphysical production within the production and guide the audience through the story. 


Devised by the company

Directed by Andre Pink. 


The Secret Shed of Trams and Dreams was an exploration of the Tramshed Theatres Identity. The production featured a wildly eclectic range of performance forms and inspirations from across the arts. In this production I Played Jacob Mercury, the eccentric Creative Director of the theatre. This was my first professional experience performing in drag. I am also credited as Floor director for ‘The office’ world within this production.Collaborating with the ensemble we devised an absurdist take on office life in the theatre industry.

THE F.O.G. – Stage Production

Devised by the Company,

Directed by  Andrew McPherson.


fhe F.O.G. was a Devised piece of political theatre which explored ecopolitical extremism in a heightened world where the legend of Greta Thunberg excelled into gods and fokelore. I Was Multi Roled as the sensual Mother Gai and Milvis, a fiery member of The Flock. Furthermore behind the scenes I collaborated with the Designer Caros Moris Reis. I created the iconography for the rival factions in the production and painted the designs on set elements. Furthermore Carols featured some of my works of  fine art moving backgrounds through projection.

Hilda. – Stage Production 

Devised by the company in response to the Writing of Hilda Hilst,

Directed by  Daniela Carmona


Hilda was a highly aesthetic production performed and devised by a cast of 43 artists under the direction of contemporary Briazilan Director Daniela Carmona. In this production I played the role of Hilda Hilst exploring the tender roots of the writer’s passion and her fierce feminist energy. Backstage in this production I assisted with the dramaturgy and stage management.

 THE MAGNIFICENT DR FAUSTUS. – Site Specific production

Devised from Marlos original text,

Directed by  Luke Marquez.


In this production of  THE MAGNIFICENT DR FAUSTUS the audience entered  DR FAUSTUS’s home and watched as he summoned methastofilies, who unleashed the 7 demons of sin into his parlor, each spunn their tale of sin. I played Iria, the demon of Wrath. A Ex Circus knife thrower that murdered her cheating spouse in a blind rage. Furthermore I designed and crafted an ensemble puppet ‘ Satan’ of which I performed as head puppeteer.

Site Specific production of THE GATHERING. Devised by the company Wrong Shoes Theatre Co, Directed by Luke Marquez.


The Gathering was an immersive journey into an illusive festival of absolution from sin. In which those who have something to confess commune and tell their tales, at the end of the night one person is sacrificed to save and absolve the community from their own sins.  I played Ariel, whose self destruction led to the loss of herself, and drove her a visceral and violent attack on the object of her desire. Behind the scenes I collaborated on the Design and crafting of our unique preformance space. Together as a company we constructed a highly detailed world within a backbox theatre space… we spiced fragments of fairytale locations into a woodland set

THE ANIMA PROJECT –Site Specific production

Devised by the Company of Wrong Shoes Theatre Co,

Directed by  Luke Marquez


The Anima Project was an experiential  piece of theatre, featuring music, dark comedy and horror set in a dystopian feature. In this dystopian world anyone whose DNA deemed them to have ‘undesirable traits’  were sent to workcamps, one doctor creates an experimental therapy to save them. I was cast as Patient C whose radical therapy placed her in the life of the historical figure Nellie Bly. In this production I flexed my fine art skills when  I sculpted a mask on my face from natural clay live, and sketched multiple pieces of artwork in charcoal throughout the piece that were also used to dress the set.

Nightlife – Site Specific production

Devised by the Company of Wrong Shoes Theatre Co, in collaboration with Swindon act,

Directed by  Luke Marquez, and Arron Parsons


Nightlife was a Sight Specific production devised by the cast set in an underground nightclub. The audience was instantly thrust into the strange world of the ‘Hellfire Club’, and journeyed around the space to see multiple lives unfold. I was cast as Juliet, an illusive teenager, who had snuck in the club underage in the pursuit of love, thrills and a heck of alot of vodka, she soon found herself out of her depth.

“…Do or do not, there is no try.”

– yoda

Directing Harrie Heath at East 15 Acting school was a delight; her talents seemingly endless. Not only did Harrie give her skills generously as an ensemble member and performer but also as an artist. Her fine arts skills are so developed that our Set Designer took extreme pride in editing them to be projected as videos for the opening and closing moments of the show. Harrie’s artwork elevated several of the scenes in ‘The F.O.G.’ (2019) adding beautiful colours, shapes and meaning. Additionally, Harrie continued to make art work throughout the process. Her artistic skills lent themselves to the creation of props, marketing materials, major set pieces and make-up too. Harrie’s creativity, met with organisation and reliability, meant that all of the deadlines were met while delivering quality design. I recommend her, her well-developed skills as a performer and her fabulous artistic eye without reservation. –


Andrew McPherson.

Director. The F.O.G. 2019

Harrie has the magic touch with audiences, in that she can gain their trust, keep them spellbound and weave a silk of narrative into a coat of dreams.


Mike Dodsworth,

Storyteller. 2020

Harrie is sensible, deep and has a great aesthetic sense. Her words are forms, her forms are words. She is very engaged and contributes a lot to the work. It was a pleasure to build things with you, Harrie. 


Daniela Carmona,

Brazilian Actress and Director. Hilda, 2019.

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