Greetings Fellow Beings!

We have found ourselves in a new rather bizarre world,  full of obscure obstacles. In this rather bizarre time, I find myself part of an obscure project. I am currently in my last term of E15 Acting school, and although COVID 19 has thrown a particularly problematic predicament our way, we refuse to contain our art. We refuse to be obsolete in a time where theatre is needed most. We continue to create and innovate in isolation.

I am proud to be collaborating with 13 fellow artists as we devise an original piece of theatre in isolation. For an isolated audience. I will be playing Big PaPa in ‘DINNER AT SOLANO’S’…This is an immersive virtual theatre experience,  celebrating the beauty of fairytales and the importance of forging your own destiny. Check back soon for details on how to stream the show!

Until then Big PaPa and I send you love.  Stay Home x Stay Safe x Stay Connected x


Greetings drag